2018 - Freelance Photograhy work for various companies including Annabel Langbein Media and Blue Frog Breakfast.

2016 - 2018 Full time food and lifestyle photographer and sometimes designer for Annabel Langbein Media. My role has consisted of photography across 4 in-house print publications, creating online content for book promotion, website and social media and photography for multiple 3rd party publications in partnership with Annabel Langbein Media including Life & Leisure, Canvas and Viva.

2011 - 2014 Bachelor of Design, First Class Honors, Major in Photography from Massey University, Wellington.



Writing doesn't come naturally to me so this took 4 days to write.

I have always loved being a creative –  embroidery, pottery, painting, photography, you name it I’ve done it. Photography is my main hustle, I love the idea of bending and manipulating light and I’ve always loved food (especially eating it), and those two things go quite well together. The last two years have seen me as a food and lifestyle photographer for Annabel Langbein Media - a very busy, rewarding and well-fed job.

I recently visited Ethiopia and Spain, backpacking solo in the latter, an experience that was both incredibly exciting but also very hard, and inspired me to take a few more risks in my everyday life and has made me anxious for more - more adventures, more projects and more variety - and so I am taking a leap of faith and going out (Han) Solo. My goals are bigger and my horizons wider.

I love creating visual stories and beautiful imagery. I work primarily with natural light, love a good challenge and just want to produce as much beautiful imagery as I can. I’m open to all the ideas and would love to hear about your project, order me a long black with cream and I’ll be there.